Thursday, May 20, 2010

in training

we have been in training for about a week and a half. we are learning tons of stuff that we can take to our new building, which will probably be in connecticut (but we still havent received the final word). the residents and staff here at kittery estates are great. everyone has been so nice and helpful to us. i am falling in love with a couple of the ladies here and am going to be really sad to leave them.

however, i am very excited to have our own apartment again and be settled. all of our stuff is now in storage in middletown, connecticut except for our clothes and cats. we have a cute studio that we are staying in during training and its great, but i like my own bed and furniture.

cricket and rumpy like the studio bcause they can keep eyes on both of us all the time. rumpy keeps trying to run out inthe hallway and meet everyone that he sees walking past the window all day long.

we've been pouring coffee, giving tours and making phone calls. there is still tons of stuff to learn but so far so good!

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Anonymous said...

It was nice having you in the building. Good luck.

-Your (former) neighbor across the hall.