Friday, April 30, 2010

our new job

this post will not be nearly as informative as you or i want it to be, and believe me, we are as frustrated as you are about that.

what we do know:

jeremy and i have accepted a position together as community co-managers for an independent living community for holiday retirement. check out their website - it is awesome!

we will be leaving manchester on may 10 for two weeks of on-site training at one oftheir new england communities and two weeks of sales and marketing training in a hotel. we have given our notice in our apartment butdo not yet know where we are going to be permanently placed. we do know it will be in either maine, mass or connecticut.

cricket has been whispering things to rumper ever since we started boxing things up. stuff like "if they try to put you in the car, run for your life!" and "be careful jumping into empty boxes. they may put stuff on top of you and seal it up."

what we are still waiting to find out:
what our new address will be. we have our lease until the 22nd of may, so we will be able to receive mail at our current address until then. after that we will know where we are moving to and will let you all know (and also set up mali forwarding for the in between time).

where we will be training and if we can take the cats. we can take them once we actually start our job, but they may have to board while we are training. cricket doesnt know it yet, but she is getting her shots updated next week. none of y'all tell her, ok?

everyone has tons of questions but we really dont know that answer to any of them except that we are SUPER excited about our new position together and can't wait to see what the future holds!

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annaO said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!1!!! That's me being super excited too.