Tuesday, July 29, 2008


this morning, around 11:45, we had the biggest earthquake i have felt so far since living in california. it was centered in chino hills, about 45 minutes or so from us. i was in the lunch room taking my lunch out of the microwave when i felt the tremors and started freaking out. i am very thankful there were four other more earthquake experienced people also eating lunch. they immediately got under the table and when the shaking stopped we headed outside. a lot of our kids were scared and all the adults were on their cell phones trying to get a hold of their kids and spouses making sure everyone was ok.

i was hungry and cranky that my lunch got interupted... scared because earthquakes are one of the scariest possible thing to me... trying to settle my heart from beating so fast and trying not to sweat to death in the sunshine... instant messaging with jeremy and making sure he was ok...

sheesh. natural disasters. give me a tornado or hurricane or blizzard any day. this forest fire and earthquake business is for the birds!

i hope cricket is ok!!!!!

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