Monday, July 7, 2008

more pros and cons

as we spent three wonderful work free days in our apartment, i thought of a few more things that i like and dislike about the new one compared to the old one:

more pros:

ceiling fan

a bar ( i love barstools and i dont know why!)

5 washers and dryers (i can do ALL my laundry at one time!)

bigger bathroom with an actual counter and storage under the sink!

and by marble countertops i meant granite countertops...

more cons:

freaky ass kid that lives below us with a small bowl cut (with like a fingerbowl - it is bizarre) stands in his window and watches us walk by. goosebumps!

the car that parks next to us rides the line so it is a good thing i am skinny or i would be stuck in the car all the time

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