Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sequoia 2008

this year (our third annual trip to sequoia) we drove up on friday with lance and kris. ryan and kim were already there (they spent the night on thursday night too). when we got there we set up our tent and then ate dinner. we spent the rest of the night around the campfire talking and laughing. there was a huge family at the campsites surrounding us with a yappy dog, screaming baby, and drunk 15 year olds. it was super fun and peaceful.

saturday we woke up, ate our eggs in a bag (always a winner while camping), and packed all six of us into lance and kris's suv to see grant's grove and buena vista point. the video below is the view from buena vista point. you can see 360 degres of mountains, trees and blue sky. it really is a good view!

we hiked (very leisurely) around most of the morning then headed back to the campsite for lunch. jeremy and i stayed behind while the other four people went on another hike in the afternoon. after a yummy dinner of taco soup we took a long walk to the amphitheater for a ranger talk about night hikes and nocturnal animals. he taught us how to call coyotes and owls and the noises that bears and raccoons and skunks make (oh my!). i know how to talk a skunk down from spraying though. hopefully that is a useful skill that i never have to actually use. we saw several deers walking to and from the program. lance almost got two of them with his frisbee but barely missed. it was pretty awesome though.

we got the fire going again for smores and made friends with our new quiet neighbor whose friends punked out on him and was lonely. he came over for breakfast too on sunday. :)

sunday morning we ate and packed and stopped to see general sherman and the sequoia museum on the way out of the park. the general is starting to really get his gangsta lean on... he might topple over at any point in time.

we made it to bakersfield for a late lunch at sonic - ryan had never been! can you even imagine such a thing??? kris and i wanted to stop at a sporting goods store so we stopped in santa clarita to buy swimming goggles and swim caps. we started training for a sprint triathlon on sunday. man oh man.
(general sherman's footprint)

what a weekend. we saw two bears! one on the way into the park and one on the way out. we also saw tons of deers, including an 8 point buck, which was cool. i got seven mosquito bites which was not as cool. ever since taking accutane when i get a mosquito bite it turn into this huge bruise as it fades. it is sick. so one of my bites is conveniently located on my neck. cant wait for the big bruise on my neck to appear. classy.

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who has never been to sonic??? freaks, that's who.