Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the week in review

last week my mom left really really ridiculously early on tuesday morning, bryce and brock came back to spend one more night with us and left wednesday for his uncle's house in LA. thursday they met the lady and her two dogs that they drove back to kansas. so i bet that was a fun trip! three days in a car with a cranky lady and two yappy dogs. brock got off easy because he got to drive her u-haul.

wednesday night sarah came over for dinner. we hung out and ate fish and salad. very mdf. we spent some time on the back porch examining jeremy's newest toy. its pretty.

thursday was small group and friday night jeremy were lazy. all we did was sit at home and catch up on all the shows we had dvr-ed.

saturday we spent the day with sarah again, only this time we were at bel air presbyterian church for the 34 degrees conference, which was focused on small groups. some pretty cool speakers were there: willow creek's bill donahue, bel air's lead pastor, mosaic's eric bryant as well as the worship bands from bel air and mosaic (separately, not together. that would have been interesting.) the church building is beautiful. i thought of all the people who could have been helped instead of building the multi million dollar sanctuary and vestry and green room and ugly stained glass. but all in all, the conference was great. i was vanna white - in charge of the give-aways between every session. anyways jeremy and i got matching free t shirts out of the whole deal.

sunday we went to church and played with the babies, then over to lance and kris's. jeremy and lance did manly things like changing the brakes on lance's vehicle and getting all sweaty and greasy and kris and i sat inside and watched football. i swear to you. prolly because we were too lazy to cange the channel. sunday night we watched part of the amas and then went to bed early. it was rather an exhausting weekend. i am SO thankful that this week on ly has 3 days of work!



Eric Bryant said...

Thanks for all you guys did on Saturday! Enjoy your thanksgiving!

Matt Singley said...

Yes...thank you for all that you did at the conference, I know everybody really appreciated it. Good job!