Tuesday, November 20, 2007

thanksgiving menu

last night i went to the grocery store and bought thanksgiving food. our beautiful hormone free, free range 12 lb bird is currently defrosting in the fridge. i get to use my new-ish (according to the number of times i have been able to use it anyways) monster crock pot oven thingie to cook it. i bought cranberry sauce (jeremy loves it from a can, which i am eternally thankful for, as i have not yet had the opportunity to learn from grandma koci how to properly make cranberry sauce) and cream cheese for cheeseballs. and water crackers. and of course, le seur peas. the abood holiday tradition. it just wouldnt be thanksgiving without them! and multiple bottles of wine, because what holiday celebration is complete without red and white libations?

dan and bridget are bringing mashed potatoes and she promised me that she was going to load them with cream and butter and all the good stuff. adam and kristin are in charge of dessert.

does anyone know how to make gravy??? help!


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