Tuesday, November 13, 2007

tired tuesday

well my mom left this morning at 4:30 (jeremy was the best husband ever and drove her) and i am plum (plumb?) tuckered out. we had quite the whirlwind of a four day trip. but more on that later.

today at work i got a key to the front door. thats right folks. i can now go to work whenever i feel like it... on weekends, and holidays, and all throughout may... actually it is so when i am staying after five (which i do most nights - yay overtime) i can let myself out before the cleaning crew has set the alarm. otherwise i have to walk all the way to the side door and go out the far gate. trust me, it is a pain.

also... what happens at debbie reynolds dance studio stays at debbie reynolds dance studio. kris and i took a beginning hip hop class tonight. it was fun. we learned about 5 eight counts of a routine. the class was only an hour and i was just starting to get warmed up when we left. all the other people besides the two of us were tiny little 5 foot nothing 95 pound asians and blacks. i have never felt so fat and white. and those feelings are ones i do not experience very often. either of them. but it was still fun!

i am at home right now waiting for all my boys to get here, doing laundry and dishes... basically slaving away while they are out having fun. well not quite that dramatic i guess. jeremy and i flipped for who had to drive into la to pick up bryce and brock from brocks uncle and i think i actually won the toss. i get to watch tv and hang out instead of dealing with the maniacs on the 101. yay!


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