Tuesday, November 6, 2007

grammar girl

i love to listen to podcasts at work. i subscribe to grey's anatomy mcpodcast, mosaic, slate explainer, treehugger, pandora, relevant and radiant. my new favorite podcast is grammar girl's quick and dirty tips for better writing. she is great. this is what i do all day at work. i am tied to my computer anyways so i way as well listen to something fun right?

what i really dont understand is how people can listen to podcasts or books while they are running or exercising. i have to have some good music going to keep my mind off the wunning (thats when you walk and run on the treadmil). i guess i am old fashioned and would rather read my books than listen to them. especially since alot of books on tape are abbreviated versions and i like the whole enchilada. also i like enchiladas from trader joes... they make really good ones. cheese and chicken. yum.

anyways, bryce gets here in like 6 hours. YAY! oh yeah and brock too. but seeing as i have never met him, it is hard for me to get really excited about him. but im sure i will be sad to see him go.


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