Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 my dad celebrated his 60th birthday  this january, and boy did we celebrate in style! first, bryce came into town from LA onnew years eve. surprise! my dad didnt know he was coming! we had funhanging out and opening christmas presents and being together. then... my grandma and aunt came from florida. surprise! my dad didnt know until about two hours before they landed that they were coming. yay! aunt laura got to see snow for the first time in ages. it was hilarious. friday night we went out for hibachi to celebrate max's birthday. delicious!!!!
 saturday afternoon we got a limo to take us to the cirque do soleil show quidam. it was awesome. jakey sat still for *most* of the three hour show. it is insane how those people can contort their bodies!!! how many almost two year olds get to roll in a hummer limo i wonder? of course he had no idea how cool it was. :) then, the limo picked us up and took us to dinner. another great meal with family and friends. all in all, it was quite the celebration for a 60th birthday!

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