Wednesday, February 13, 2013

christmas recap

 we had six (or seven?) different christmas celebrations, lasting well into january. christmas weekend we drove up to topeka twice, first to spend saturday and sunday celebrating withjeremy's parents and siblings. seeing family was wonderful, sleeping with jakey in a double bed maybe not as much. he has a hard time sleeping well not in his own bed. :) it was great to stay with shane and darci though and just hang out.

christmas eve we went to church with my family and the opened pressies with them. then, of course, it was time for our tradition of chinese food for christmas eve dinner. last year we went to a really disappointing buffet, so the restaurant choice this year got upgraded and it was delicious.
christmas morning we opened our stockings and jakey opened his gifts from us. he LOVES his basketball goal. the first thing he says to jeremyevery night when jeremy gets home from work is ball? ball? and points downstairs to his playroom.

then, it was off to topeka again for giant family lunch with everyone (including santa!!!), then to gma and gpas house for our stockings. and more food. it truly is amazing that we didnt each gain twenty pounds after that weekend!

you'd think christ celebrations were over, but they werent! bryce came into townover new years for my dads birthday party so we celebrated with him then.

finally,we had a lovely dinner with ed and beka halfway through january. christmas was finally over, a month after tha date!

we received so many wonderful gifts and were able to make many family and friends happy with the things we picked out and, in a few cases, made. i think our christmas schedule gets crazier every year, but since we are spending time with our friends and family, it is totally worth it.

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