Thursday, February 14, 2013

bel aire crime spree

every month we get a newspaper called the bel aire breezw. it is about three or four pages long, and has a few articles and ads, and my favorite, the police report. here are a few of the gems from january's issue:

Jan 20 - Officer Steele found an unoccupied vehicle parked at Eagle Lake Park.

(um... isnt that what parking lots are for? to leave your unoccupied cars in? and someone called this in??? hilarious.)

Jan 17 - Officer Murphy responded to a report of fraud in the 4800 block of North Hillcrest. A resident said he received a call from Peru, saying it was his nephew and he had been in an accident and needed money. The man asked for further identification and the caller hung up the phone.

(no harm, no foul. smart to ask for id. but what exactly did you think the police were gonig to do about it???)

Jan 4 - Officer McCaslin checked on a report of two juveniles playing in the frozen pond in Eagle lake Park. Officer advised the boys to stay off the ice.

(whew eagle lake park is a hotbed of criminal activity!)

and my personal favorite from the month:

Jan 7 - Lt. Griggs responded to a report of a suspicious character in the 6100 block of East Danbury. It was a gas company employee reading meters.

(apparently the uniform, van and clipboard werent enough clues for that concerned citizen. sheesh)

so, while i am poking a little fun at these sily reports, i am thankful to live in a community that has such innocuous police reports. yes, there are occasionally robberies or accidents, but a majority of the reports are unconcerning, if not downright hilarious. thank you bel aire breeze for giving me something to look forward to every month!

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