Monday, January 24, 2011

update on the little guy

we went in today for an ultrasound. we got to see our son swimming around in there. he has finally turned head down and decided today to start kicking me in the ribs. oh the small joys of motherhood.

he weighs about 2 lbs 11 oz right now and has those nice long legs you would expect from the offspring of two people shaped like jeremy and me.

he helped mommy and daddy move all our stuff out of the storage unit and into our new apartment upstairs this morning. we went to babies'r'us and bought his crib and stroller/car seat. jeremy is upstairs right now assembling the crib and spare bed in the little closet/second bedroom. next weekend we will be moving all of our stuff in our current apartment up and living up there.

we are so happy to start puting otgether the little guy's room and preparing for his arrival! we have signed up of birth classes at the hospital - they start in february. we will have a few purcahses to make to complete our new little nest upstairs (like a dresser or two or three, since there isn't a single closet in the whole place and a couch) and i think some painting, but i can't wait!

baby koci will be here in about 11 weeks (give or take) and we are well on our way to being ready!

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