Monday, January 17, 2011

kansas 2011 shower #1

 the ladies from central threw us a shower. it was great. not only did we get some great stuff and gift cards for the little guy, i got to see some friends that i havent seen in ages and actually spend time talking to them.
 everyone kept asking me where the baby bump was. he's defintiely in there, but he wasn't poking out so much then. now is a whole different story. all the people at work tell me they think i'm growing by the second. that's the way to a pregnant lady's heart, let me tell you.
 the diaper cake was cute and the little monkey guarding the gift cards was sweet. our little guy is going to have so many cute stuffed animals. not only have we received several as gifts, there are a few of ours in storage from when we were little. i kinda hope that jeremy's old grover becomes his favorite.
most importantly. he received his first k-state gear. it is size 12 mos, so he will definitely need something smaller for football season, but i am happy that our little wildcat will be properly attired for march madness next year. after all, raise a child in the way he should go... and all that, right?

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