Monday, January 17, 2011

kansas 2011 part 1

after a nightmarish airplane trip, my brother bryce and his girlfriend picked me, jeremy andjeremy's luggage up at the kc airport. not so much my luggage. we made it home for dinner and to celebrate my baby brother's sixteenth birthday. SIXTEEN. yikes.
the next day, after the arrival of my luggage at 3:30 in the morning, my mom and i spent some girl time together. we went and got our toes done, shopped for me and the baby and just played around. we also took some quick time to visit the holiday retirement building in wichita. it was exactly like the building in kittery that we trained in, so i gave my mom a practice tour. we also went to her doctor's office so she could here the little guy's heartbeat. it was great. we arrived home to a small situation with my parents air conditioner unit (thankfully it is winter time and they can fix it).

 after dealing with that, we all went out to eat to celebrate my dad's birthdya and max's again. p.f. changs was delicious as usual. the company was fabulous too. we were loud and the waitress had no idea what to do with all of us, but it was just the way we all liked it. and i had clothes to wear. so that was good.

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Aunt Norma said...

It hurts my heart that I wasn't there. I miss everyone so much!!