Tuesday, November 9, 2010

welcome to parenthood

yes, we will be parents. in april. but thankfully i have two amazing furry friends that like to give me wee little glimpes into what life will be like as a mom.

take this saturday as an example. it was like day 15 of working straight without a day off. i was tired. when my alarm went off at 6:$5am it was all i could do to peel myself out of bed and head into the shower. rumpy and cricket both wait very impatiently for me to wake up in the mornings so i can feed them. after i used the bathroom, i stumbled into the kitchen to get the cat food out and almost stepped in a special little gift in the middle of the rug. im still not sure which end of which cat it came out of, but i am sure that no one should have to deal with something like that before coffee. i put on gloves and dealt with the mess and put the rug in our empty laundry basket (yes they waited until i had finished all the laundry to make a nasty mess).

i fed the cats and the fish, took a shower, got dressed and got ready for work. jeremy got in the shower and i was in the bathroom burshing my teeth and putting on makeup. cricket and rumpy both came in, because they like being around and rumpy is obsessed with the shower. cricket looked at me, walked over to the bath mat and peed. right there. only about three feet from their litter box. looking at me the entire time as if to say "im mad that you are working so much so here's what you get." and she is supposed to be the good cat!

so, inbetween serving meals, answering the phones and all the myriad of other tasks that come on a saturday at windham falls, i got to do dirty nasty laundry. i thought i still had a few months of carefree living before having to deal with stuff like this!!!


Fair Weather Runner said...

oh my. that's a lot to deal with. the cats are clearly already angry at the baby, jealous little animals!

as for t-swizz, she is precious and sweet and has her head on straight. i heart her :) and she is tall, really tall. i'd say prolly about your height actually.

Aunt Norma said...

Oh dear sweet Meggers...if only that were actually shocking to a mother. In the most loving way possible, I'm going to suggest possibly interviews. Failing that, Dooce.com. There's a dose of reality for you, served up nice.
:))) Love you baby doll