Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving, untraditional

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we are working in our community this year for thanksgiving. it is the first year either of us had to work on this holiday, and it is a little weird. last year we were in a whole other state celebrating by ourselves and this year we have 140 friends to celebrate with, although most of them were with their families for the noon meal.

our chef made a wonderful turkey dinner with all the traditional sides (well not all. there were no la seur peas). the phones arent ringing and our bosses arent sending out tons of emails, no one's toilet is overflowing... so far a good day.

there are so many things we have to be thankful for. obviously for our jobs and home and each other, our health, family etc. but there are other things.

things like feeling my baby move around inside me. this little guy has tons of energy y'all!
things like sitting in my rocker with my feet up and having a soft fluffy cat crawl into my lap and purr.
or hot apple cider available 24-7 in our coffee bar.
my netbook that allows me to get online anywhere my phone gets a signal.
our dvr.
my down comforter and quilts on cold nights like last night.
jeremy going to starbucks whenever i feel like a hot chocolate.
friends in new hampshire that we get to see on sunday.
friends in la that are having babies (and the ones that arent).
friends all over the country, and really the world, that love us.
half and half from nantucket nectar
granulated honey

there are so many little things that i take for granted all the time. today is a wonderful time to sit and reflect on some of those things.

what little thing are you especially thankful for today?

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