Sunday, December 13, 2009

our tree

this is the first year in a while we have put up a tree. last year we didn't have one since our apartment was too small, and most of our stuff was in storage and not very easily accessible. this year, we got to go out to my friend's parents tree farm and pick our own. it had snowed the day before so it was the perfect setting.
after much deliberation and hemming and hawing, we settled on a huge one. jeremy and ryan cut it down then cut several feet off of the top and bottom so it would fit in our living room.

we got it home and dug out the christmas decorations. we have collected so many ornaments over the last two years that hadn't hung on a tree yet, and so many of our older ornaments hold special memories. it was fun to tell stories about our childhood memories connected to ornaments we grew up with, or reminisce about vacations we have taken together (we get an ornament at every vacation locale).

it feels and SMELLS like christmas at our house now. there are presents for jeremy under the tree (he hasnt gone shopping for me yet) and lots of boxes from our out-of-town people scattered around the living room. i'm loving it.

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