Monday, August 24, 2015

Suzie Homemaker

Hopefully all my posts about how amazing my kid's birthday cakes are don't make you too jealous. Here's another one for you to admire.

My oldest started junior kindergarten this year. He wears a bow tie to school. For real.  All kids need an art shirt - one of dads old button downs to protect the uniforms from glitter and paint. I got the bright idea to embroidery his name on his, as my sewing machine is super fancy and does it all for me.

Sort of.

After watching two instructional videos online, rethreading the machine 8 times, and a frantic search through all the drawers and cubbies in my office (a terrifying thought in and of itself), 45 mins later this is what we came up with.

You are so jealous that your kid doesn't have his name embroidered on his art shirt, right? I know it. 

Actually, I have figured out all the problems i was having and next time it should be very straightforward with no issues. Good thing i practiced on something thats just going to be destroyedd anyways... :)

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