Monday, August 10, 2015

Don't Laugh. No, Seriously. Don't laugh.

We had a little girl turning three over the weekend. We threw a fantastic backyard party. I got the bright idea to make a watermelon cake. After looking at some tutorials I was all "It does seem THAT hard." Boy, was i wrong. First, go check out how to make one here.

I made the whipped cream on Thursday. It was actually insanely easy. I set everything up in the kitchen aid mixer and a couple minutes later it was done. However, making the whipped cream so far ahead of time was my first mistake. By the time i got it out of the fridge on Saturday to frost the watermelon, it wasn't quite as fluffy as it was supposed to be.

Second mistake: i didn't cut the watermelon exactly roundly. From my experience frosting cakes with buttercream, i thought i would be able to smooth out the bumps with the frosting. Flat whipped cream was not so forgiving.

The poor cake looks like a cake wrecks fail cake. HOWEVER, the watermelon, berries and whipped cream were incredibly refreshing on the hottest day so far in August and both cakes got eaten up.

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