Thursday, June 27, 2013

zoo baby

Jacob love love loves the zoo. We went twice this last weekend, once for a company picnic and once with our small group.

On Sunday he got up close and personal with the gorilla.  Noth times when I asked him what he wanted to see he said "Lions, Tigers, Sheep, Elephants, Fish." Nice mix of the exotic and normal.  He loves the big cats. They were all sleeping both days, but he still got a kick out of them.

Feeding the goats and sheep and fish in the American Farms is always a highlight of our trip. He snuggles the baby goats and it is sooo cute. A few months ago we went when they were all practically newborn and now they are more Jacob's size. He gets a little aggressive with his petting but they kept coming back for more.

The Sedgwick County Zoo is kind of amazing - if you havent gone, you should, even if you dont have little ones. They have great exhibits of all kinds and lots of opportunities to interact with animals and knowledgable zookeepers.

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