Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Book Site

be my friend. add your books. it is the best! (thanks aunt norma for the link - you are the best!)

in other, sadder news, until alfi comes in to update my adobe acrobat flash player (i hate not having administrator rights on my work computer) i cannot play scrabulous. which means i actually have to work. but today work consists of the day care kids trick or treating and decorating for the halloween dance. so its all good.

i wish i could tell you all that this was my pumpkin that i carved. but mine usually come out looking like a 5 year old did them. we didnt carve pumpkins this year, which is going to be really sad come thanksgiving when i have to use canned pumpkin instead of fresh for my pies. oh well. what are you guys doing to celebrate halloween?

have a scare-tastic day!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

bad to the bone

i am kinda turning into one of those people that when you are out with your children, they stare at. but in a good way. sometimes i just get a wild hair (no not hare i really meant hair) and things like this happen.

i mean, who wouldnt want to stare at that?

i finally got the purple streaks i have been wanting for literally years. except they are a little more blue than purple. but next weekend i can touch up and add more purple.

go state!

Friday, October 26, 2007

i'm prolly the coolest person you know

yesterday jeremy took me by the library on the way home from work. i turned in my books outside and went inside to pick up the book si had on hold. i looked on the hold shelf in between knox and kyler where my books usually reside. nothing. i had just got an email saying i had stuff on hold that morning so i looked at the guy behind the check out counter with a quizzical expression on my face. he smiled and pointed. i looked where he was pointing and yes.

i have my own personal shelf at the library. just for me. he told the head librarian that i was their number one customer and she said"great! we need to drive up circulation! bring your friends!" i can just imagine hey guys lets go to the library and hang out. except we cant bring food or drinks and have to be quiet. but there is free wi-fi!

he also said that the city of la should rescind their policy on 30 books out at a time for me. he is too sweet. they're like my family.

so im either the coolest person you know... or the dorkiest. but i have my own freaking shelf at the library!


note from the author: did you notice the subtle highlighting of the correct usages of the words their, they're and there? learn it love it live it breathe it. please. and then you can hang your high school diploma on the wall with pride.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

baby ashley

we got to see the baby on saturday! she is super cute. and very well mannered! we spent about an hour hanging out with the three dronens. ashley had just finished her dinner when we got there and she stayed awake the whole time. she also made an appearance later at the slovaceks after we ate.
they are going to have to keep a sharp eye out on that one when she grows up. she looks like a little doll. she is so perfect! she was totally flirting with jeremy too. i wasnt jealous though. maybe a little actually.

thank goodness for tj

it is hot outside. i dont know if that has to do with the fires, or the fires are so rampant becasue of the heat and dryness, but it is hot. shouldnt be this hot when i cant go to the beach because of the fires. malibu is evacuated, including pepperdine. it is crazy.

maybe the heat will remain after the fires are successfully fought and then we can go to the beach in november.

tijuana sent four firetrucks and forty four firefighters so that day will come sooner rather than later.

thank goodness!

sad commentary on life in america

how is it that people are graduating high school and even college without having a firm grasp on the english language? i dont understand how this happens. i took several grammar classes in school and here is what i learned andi hope it helps you in some small way.

your vs. you're
you're going to have to evacuate your house because of the rampant wildfires raging all around la county and san diego. (you're = you are. it is a contraction. your = possesive of you)

effect vs. affect
what effect are the fires having on you personally? have they affected your life in any way? (besides a sore throat and ash on our car, we are fine. not affected/no effect) (effct is a noun, and affect is a verb. how can you possibly mix these up?)

its vs it's
honestly it is always confusing to me. but instead of using the wrong one, i just change around my sentence to avoid it altogether. i could also look it up in my prentice guide to grammar that i keep by my desk (no lie) but thats a waste of time.

where vs. were
where were we? nough said.

ok. i think thats enough ranting and raving. the fires rage on and people have died, but none of our people so far. wed like to keep it that way. so far, no one we know has had to evacuate either. hopefully that remains true for the duration of this natural disaster. if status changes, i will let you know.

also, soon i will post pictures of when we got to see our new baby princess of the small group, ashley, but ive been having trouble loading them onto blogspot. perhaps tonight, while i am doing laundry and watching hosue and private practice, i can upload some for your viewing pleasure. shes pretty cute.

also viva laughlin was a weird show and i'm not surprised it got canceled.


cancelled vs. canceled OR cancelling vs. canceling
trick question - they are both right. i've had this fight before. look it up. go ahead punk. do you feel lucky?


Saturday, October 20, 2007

just for new kicks

jeremy and i ran/walked (ok mostly walked) to the gym today. it was gorgeous outside. it is about 2.5 miles each way, so it only takes about 30 minutes walking. we each worked out in the weight room and then walked home. on the way home pieces of my shoes started falling off. this pair of shoes that i have is old but i didnt realize how beat up they had gotten. what with all the exercise i have been doing lately though... sheesh.

so we went to sports authority and found really cute new pink shoes! yay! then we went to the mall and i got a new hat and dress. then we went to hooters and watched football and had lunch. i know. but i love that place. i dont know what it is about it. it was a great day!

tonight we get to meet ashley for the first time and then its off to al and lotties for dinner. great saturday.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

heart warming moment

simon cowell was so nice i cried. im not kidding. im a sucker for a sob story though. i just wanted to put this guy in my pocket and hug him and feed him and send him to the orthodontist. part 2 is quite lovely too. and i dont even like opera. thanks emily for passing the tears down the cubicle row! the woman in the middle (the british version of paula looked surprised at how good he was, and then i watched longer and realized she has had so much botox that she always looks surprised.

tonight we have class and then get to come home and watch the office and grey's anatomy. yay! last nights private practice was interesting. i think im going to keep watching it. jeremy is super thrilled.

i go to the GI doctor this afternoon to go over the results from my scope in august. im sure everything is fine (i would imagine if they found cancer in any of the biopsies they would have called by now) but i want him to tell me that i am so healthy i dont have to take any prescriptions anymore. we will see.

until next time then,

Monday, October 15, 2007

kansas invasion

my dad called me last week to ask what he should get for my mom for her birthday. i immediately replied "a plane ticket." so he did. and she is coming in 24 days! yay! and three or four days after that my brother bryce is coming (and bringing a friend). then, about two months after that, my friend missy is coming (and bringing a friend). all very exciting news. and i found out all on the same day last week! wednesday was a great day!

so the moral of the story is come to california and bring a friend if you want to. you can sleep in our guest room and chill in hollywood. and it will be fun. so when are you guys coming?


Sunday, October 14, 2007

kayla's baby shower

thats me with some of the girls from work at kaylas baby shower. we had a good time. it was outside, but the weather was slightly overcast and cool but not rainy so it was perfect. the night before it poured so the air was clear and clean. the shower was fun. we played the clothespin game (cant say the word baby or kayla), the dirty diaper game, etc. jeremy won the clothespin game, mostly because he didnt talk very much. :)
we got her a hooter hider (this nifty nursing apron that was a wire sewn into it so momma can see the baby while feeding her but no one else can) and a little hat that i crocheted for her. ricky, the proud father to be, thought it was funny to tie the hat on his head like a pirates eyepatch. i didnt find it quite as amusing.
we came home and watched the k-state game, which was quite exciting. go cats!
and baby hailie, we can't wait to meet you!
ps i apologize for the strange picture settings on this post. i cant seem to fix it. maybe i will be able to do it tomorrow at work...

Friday, October 12, 2007

success vs failure

so the experiment wasnt a rousing success but wasnt a complete hide my head in the sand forever failure either. we have some new ideas and might require professional assistance. but jeremy looks awfully cute with a bottle of hair dye in one gloved hand and a comb in the other. so the evening wasnt a total loss.

but my hair isnt really purple streaked either. so there is a downside.

friday afternoon...

you know that horrible feeling you get when you are doing something that could be really cool or could turn out to be a disaster? thats a little bit what i am feeling right now. jeremy and i are doing an experiment that could rocks yalls faces off or be really stupid. in about an hour or two we will find out and then i will post pictures. until then... the suspense builds!

ok the requisite bulls post... blah blah blah usf blah blah blah 5th in the nation blah blah blah my dearest aunt is an alum blah blah blah. but seriously go bulls! and go state! we are dvr-ing the game tomorrow in case we miss some of it on the way home from the baby shower.

yes our dvr is successfully installed and i am so thrilled! pause live tv! record 2 shows at a time! plus we got all those music stations on the tv now too. so thats fun.

gotta run. what not to wear marathon on tlc. yes, its that important!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

friday come faster!

tomorrow after a brutal morning of ieps and capses meetings, jeremy is picking me up from work early. then we are going home and waiting for the time warner cable man to come over. because we are getting DVR!!!!! he was going to surprise me but couldn't keep a secret long enough. i am beyond ecstatic. no more missing our favorite shows! season pass here i come! (house, big bang theory, private practice, grey's anatomy, the office - hopefully we can record two at once) oh i can't wait. also we are getting a few more channels, most of which i don't care about except for espn classics. because there is nothing i like more than watching a football game from three years ago when i already know who won. oh wait. i dont think there could be anything more boring. live football yes. old football games from last season or older...

which brings me to my next point. k-state is playing colorado on saturday and they are on espn 2 which we already get so we get to watch the game again. this has been a great season for us west coasters as far as being able to watch the game. :)

before the game we have a baby shower to go to. yay for kayla and ricky! hayley is only t-minus four weeks away and counting. hurrah!

and i have a hot date with baby ashley sometime this weekend!

can life get better?


You're Anne of Green Gables!

by L.M. Montgomery

Bright, chipper (chipper? i don't think i am chipper...), vivid, but with the emotional fortitude of cottage cheese, you make quite an impression on everyone you meet. You're impulsive, rash, honest, and probably don't have a great relationship with your parents (not true). People hurt your feelings constantly, but your brazen honesty doesn't exactly treat others with kid gloves (did i or did i not win most opinionated at senior prom? thank you very much). Ultimately, though, you win the hearts and minds of everyone that matters. You spell your name with an E (and an h and an extra a...) and you want everyone to know about it.

What book are you?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

photo booth

ku is stupid. i had a dream friday night that jeremy and i tuned into to the k-state v ku game late and it was 55-0 k-state. obviously that wasnt the case in real life. which is sad.

dan has a program called photo booth on his computer. he set his video camera up last night and we played with it. here are some examples:

you can tell that lance, kris and i had a good time with it. everyone had a great time at dan and bridgets actually. we ate yummy chicken, green bean casserole, baked potatoes, etc. it was our pre-thanksgiving warm up. jerimiah and jennifer brought cheeeesecake. it was great.

we played taboo, which is always a blast. the only disappointing thing is that no one pretended like the buzzer was an electric razor and shaved their face. i could tell i wasnt playing with my family. :)

today jeremy and i hung out (after kris and i hit the gym! go us!) and went shopping. we met lottie over at the dronens so we could put food in the freezer. ashley was born today! yay! congratulations eric and christina! then.. westfield shopping center. while i mistakenly believed there was an h&m there (so sad that there wasnt) we got some good stuff regardless. yay for the mall! we are watching the rock of love reunion. i dont know why i cant stop watching this show. i apologize to everyone on behalf of myself because i think i am getting stupider. but i cant stop!

tomorrow we are starting the makers diet again... phase 1. when i go to the gastroenterologist in two weeks i want #1 good news about the biopsies he took during my last procedure and #2 to go off any medication. so start praying now!


Saturday, October 6, 2007

not so lazy saturday morning

jeremy and i have had the best saturday morning! we woke up early and went to the gym (40 points! go team LA!) and then came home, showered, and he made eggs while i cut up herbs from our gardent to go in them. then we settled down to watch k-state play football. right now it is halftime and we are tied with ku 14-14. ku is stupid. the only thing that could make this morning perfect is if i wasnt also doing laundry and making a grocery list.

tonight we are eating at the stellers. eric and christina are hopefully having a baby right now. life is good in the hood.

yoga in the morning! wahoo!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

business as usual

monday after work we walked down to valley college for class. it is about a 25 minutes walk and there is always something interesting to see on the way. we sat behind these two older people in class who are SUPER annoying. the lady has this strnage tic where she sticks out her tongue all the time and mutters to herself and the guy repeats everything everyone says except wrong. like either skipping parts of the sentence or wrong pronunciation or something. and he does it loudly too. needless to say, next week we are sitting closer to pat and pat and farther from those people. after class we walked to sharky's and i got naked chicken enchiladas. YUM. then we went home only to discover that i set the vcr wrong and we did not record big bang theory for the second week in a row. sheesh. is everyone watching it by the way? because its funny stuff.

yesterday i had a busy day at work. jeremy picked me up and we went down to warner bros for another big bang taping. its the halloween episode and its pretty funny. we also got to watch an episode that we hadnt seen yet so that was fun. the annoying guy was still there saying all the same jokes. and when i say all the same jokes, i literally mean it. a guy in the front row (the VIPs - guests of cast members) who had obviously ben there before, said the punchlines to a couple of the jokes before the emcee could. that was way funnier.

emcee: please laugh during the taping. we love you natural reactions to the show. keep your energy up. don't identify your laughs though. we had a guy at a show the other day who would laugh and then say
front row guy: bernie schwartz, chicago
emcee: bernie schwatrz , chicago. please dont do that.

christina still hasnt had her baby yet. they will induce tomorrow though so hopefully we get to meet ashley this weekend!

everyone watch private practice tonight so it stays on the air so i can watch it and annoy jeremy because he hates nighttime soaps! yay!