Wednesday, October 24, 2007

sad commentary on life in america

how is it that people are graduating high school and even college without having a firm grasp on the english language? i dont understand how this happens. i took several grammar classes in school and here is what i learned andi hope it helps you in some small way.

your vs. you're
you're going to have to evacuate your house because of the rampant wildfires raging all around la county and san diego. (you're = you are. it is a contraction. your = possesive of you)

effect vs. affect
what effect are the fires having on you personally? have they affected your life in any way? (besides a sore throat and ash on our car, we are fine. not affected/no effect) (effct is a noun, and affect is a verb. how can you possibly mix these up?)

its vs it's
honestly it is always confusing to me. but instead of using the wrong one, i just change around my sentence to avoid it altogether. i could also look it up in my prentice guide to grammar that i keep by my desk (no lie) but thats a waste of time.

where vs. were
where were we? nough said.

ok. i think thats enough ranting and raving. the fires rage on and people have died, but none of our people so far. wed like to keep it that way. so far, no one we know has had to evacuate either. hopefully that remains true for the duration of this natural disaster. if status changes, i will let you know.

also, soon i will post pictures of when we got to see our new baby princess of the small group, ashley, but ive been having trouble loading them onto blogspot. perhaps tonight, while i am doing laundry and watching hosue and private practice, i can upload some for your viewing pleasure. shes pretty cute.

also viva laughlin was a weird show and i'm not surprised it got canceled.


cancelled vs. canceled OR cancelling vs. canceling
trick question - they are both right. i've had this fight before. look it up. go ahead punk. do you feel lucky?


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