Friday, October 26, 2007

i'm prolly the coolest person you know

yesterday jeremy took me by the library on the way home from work. i turned in my books outside and went inside to pick up the book si had on hold. i looked on the hold shelf in between knox and kyler where my books usually reside. nothing. i had just got an email saying i had stuff on hold that morning so i looked at the guy behind the check out counter with a quizzical expression on my face. he smiled and pointed. i looked where he was pointing and yes.

i have my own personal shelf at the library. just for me. he told the head librarian that i was their number one customer and she said"great! we need to drive up circulation! bring your friends!" i can just imagine hey guys lets go to the library and hang out. except we cant bring food or drinks and have to be quiet. but there is free wi-fi!

he also said that the city of la should rescind their policy on 30 books out at a time for me. he is too sweet. they're like my family.

so im either the coolest person you know... or the dorkiest. but i have my own freaking shelf at the library!


note from the author: did you notice the subtle highlighting of the correct usages of the words their, they're and there? learn it love it live it breathe it. please. and then you can hang your high school diploma on the wall with pride.

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Daddy said...

You are definitely the coolest person I know.
This was my most favorite blog you have written. It is so you!
Love ya!