Friday, March 7, 2014

so its been a while...

 we've been busy! Aliza is almost five months. growing like a weed (99+% in height, 85% in weight) and smiling all the time. working on rolling over, but seconds away from sitting. everyone says it because its true: time goes so much faster with number 2!

we've also been working hard on the house. Jeremy (with a little bit (ok a LOT) of help from ryan and shane) installed new wood laminate in all of our bedrooms and living room/dining room. the whole upstairs has been refreshed. add in our redone bathroom (merry Christmas to us!) and our new living room furniture (turning 30 has a way of making a person need grown up couches) and we feel like we are living in a whole new house!

jakey is getting big fast. he starts "short sports" at the bel aire rec center in a few weeks - his first, but probably not last, organized sports "team." he talks about everything, loves playing his drum kit and guitar, and playing with his diggers. he helps me cook, helps Jeremy work in the garage, and Aliza adores him.

I hope to post more often, but I thought that at the beginning of the year and here we are march and its my first post of the year. :) life has a tendency to get in the way...

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