Monday, April 25, 2011

last belly pictures EVER

 40 weeks - wed april 13

then... a week later:
41 weeks, April 20.

And here we are, April 25, and still pregnant. Tomorrow we are scheduled for an induction if baby k doesnt make his appearance today. so everyone pray for him to come out today!!!!

i am SO tired of being pregnant. yesterday after church we went out to eat (i hadnt bought anything to prepare for easter dinner because i was fully convinced that we would be in the hospital... no such luck) and then for a long walk out at bluff point. it is a beautiful walk. yesterday we took a different trail than usual and stumbled across the homestead of the governor of the massachussetts bay colony. the house was built in 1645 and the foundation still stands. we walked back along the water. it was a beautiful day, but the walk wasnt nearly as effective in producing a baby as i had hoped.

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Aunt Norma said...

Hey sweet pea. This isn't the last baby picture EVER because you'll want to document the next baby as well. As a second child, I can tell you that parents really drop the ball on the second one, so I'm here for baby baby k.
Love you.