Tuesday, February 1, 2011

concert in the casino

a couple of weekends ago ryan and stephanie drove down on saturday. david nail was playing a show at the mohegan sun casino on saturday night. our amazing friend justin was able to reserve us a table for a really fantastic show. it was way better than the first time we saw david play (when anna was here in october).
the band was having a good time and the crowd was waaaay into it. several people didnt stop dancing the entire time. we took it easy and sat. i enjoyed a virgin margarita. it was almost as good as the real thing. the baby liked the sourness of it though!

we did a little gambling - i put $5 into a penny slot machine and walked away with $18 and stephanie killed at the blackjack table. the boys werent as lucky. it was really really fun and great to see people that we dont get to see very often - justin, ryan and steph.

i still think it is a little bit lame that i see justin about three times more often than anna but i was able to send her a care package home with him.

seeing a great concert with friends is definitely a great way to spend a saturday night!

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