Friday, December 31, 2010

new day, new year

yep. it is time for the annual "let's see how i did on last year's resolutions and make some new ones" post. here's is last year's post if you want to refresh yourself. i had to look back and see what i wanted to accomplish this year - most of those goals were news to me. so much has happened and changed this year that several of them were not practical to meet.

bascially, losing my job in april, getting a new one and moving all over in may and june and getting pregnant in july meant that life was strange this year.

i did run a 5k (just one! i am so ashamed!) but did not pr. i prolly made my goal of 500 miles but fell off keeping track around the time i found out i was pregnant.

instead of focusing on what i didnt do last year, let's talk about what i am going to do this year...

i got a wii fit for christmas and i would like to do at least 30 min on it four days a week. its fun and interesting and has plenty of exercises that will keep me occupied through the end of this pregnancy in april. after that i make no promises because i dont know what kind of baby this will be. if i wind up taking him running in my bob instead of doing the wii fit thats even better.

i'm not off medication and in fact have added several vitamins etc to the mix but i feel healthy and the baby is healthy and thats the main thing. once he arrives i can cut back again and that will be a good thing! im not setting any goals about this for the year because pregnancy is weird and i dont know what will happen after he arrives.

there are some reading/writing related goals i have been thinking about, but i'm not ready to commit most of them to paper. i would like to pay more attention to my blog in 2011. hopefully i have plenty to talk about in april!

i don't really have tons of goals or ideas for this year because i know that life will take a dramatic turn once the little guy arrives and i dont want to set too many expectations for myself without knowing him yet.

anyone out there making goals for 2011? do share!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

cats on my chair

rumpy as sitting in my computer chair and i moved him so i could sit there. he jumped up with cricket and started kissing her. she tolerated it for a while then pushed him off.  its a short clip and i am NOT a good videographer but enjoy!

22 Weeks

all the requests for belly pictures have now been satisfied. mostly i just look like i've been eating too many french fries but the little guy is definitely in there and making his presence known (to me and possibly the cats but jeremy can't feel him yet).

we are excited for our trip to kansas next month and hope to see as many of you that are around as possible!!!

p.s. that is not our furntiture. that's from the guest apartment we stayed in when we were at guilford this weekend. just in case you were wondering when ceramic painted flowerdy vase lamps became my favorite thing.

Friday, December 10, 2010

gone to guilford

ourboss called wednesday night and asked us for help. another community in connecticut needed one of the couples from windham falls to come help out for the weekend. jeremy and i volunteered despite my massive cold (pregnancy colds are the absolute worse) and we drove up to guilford on thursday morning. we arrived not knowing how long we would be staying - it winds up we will ne here until sunday. this is a beautiful building and there are lovely people living and working here. even though it is weird and stressful to be managing someone else's building, we are really enjoying ourselves.

it snowed a little bit today - just flurries that didnt stick, but it really made me want to curl up with a cat and a book. however, the cats are still in groton. i miss them much more than any normal person should (ahem crazy cat lady). i'm feeling super pregnant (although still just have a little baby belly) and the little guy is kicking around like crazy. this cold has made me even more tired than usual and sleeping in a strange bed (a double no less) doesnt help.

life has been busy and i'm just trying to keep up. christmas shopping has been completely overwhelming to me, even though we have less people to buy for this year than before, due to a name draw thing on jeremy's side. there were those people who were super easy and were done a month ago and those that are really hard to buy for. somehow those always get saved for last. ugh. our priorities are changing and our unique job situation combined with the impending arrival of baby koci mean christmas isnt as exciting this year. that sounds weird to say. next year with an eiight month old it will be so much fun but this year i dont even think we are decorating. maybe not even a wreath. not that i'm a grinch or anything but i'm too tired.

i've got a doctor appt monday and i will schedule my next ultrasound - sometime at the end of january. yay! there is nothing like watching my son kick around on a screen and hearing his little heart beat. i'm 22 weeks and 2 days. in one week and 5 days he has a 50/50 chance of surviving outside the womb. hopefully he sticks around in there til april though - we certainly are nowhere near ready to met him. he is truly just a little person in there and it is beyond weird to me. we made our registries at babies r us and amazon but still arent sure where we are actually going to fit any baby paraphenalia in our little apartment. i barely have room for the few outfits and blankets we have acquired so far.

incompletely unrelated thoughts, i am watching what not to wear and commercials for the next great baker keep showing. apparently the bakers who are cut from the show get shipped off in the delivery truck. this is defnitely jersey! the cake boss doesnt mess around, yall.