Monday, September 13, 2010

close encounters of the sea kind

we spent the day at the mystic aquarium. the groton library has these great passes that i checked out with my library card that got us a great deal on the entrance fee. so it was a thrifty and educational outing. im feeling smarter already!

the first thing we did was head to the theater for the sea lion show. there were four sea lions performing and they did all kinds of fun tricks. we also learned the difference between seals and sea lions which is a question that has surprisingly arisen more than once in our marriage. one of the outdoor exhibits had even more sea lions and this guy saw me with my camera and hopped up on a rock and posed. then he waited for me to throw him a piece of squid. unfortunately, all i had in my purse were boiled peanuts from our trip to kittery yesterday. not exactly sea lion fare.

we walked around many mroe exhibits, including penguins, swamps and deep sea exploration (with stuff from the titanic).

my favorite stop of the day had nothing to do with the ocean, or really even water. we got to go in the aviary and hang out with 300 birds from down under. they gave us millet on a popsicle stick to feed to them. they were quite tame and hopped right on us to eat. different birds even got into fights over who got to eat off my stick. there were bigger birds that looked like parrots that would tear a huge chunk off the stick then hold it in their claws and eat it from there. it was really cool to watch.
the jelly fish exhibit and the beluga whales were very cool also. i had never seen a beluga whale in real life before and they had jellys that i had never seen. there were ones that lived upside down on the ocean floor and their tentacles stream upwards. crabs will pick them up and carry them on their backs to protect themselves. cool, huh? there were rescued loggerhead turtles and sea lion pups too. great day (and it threatened to rain all day but held off while we were outside!) at the aquarium!

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