Friday, November 23, 2012

Going Shopping? SALE time!

instead of fighting the insanity on black friday (anyone out there shopping, i feel sorry for you there are NO deals good enough to me to be out in the madness!) sit at home and shop online! there are tons of great deals to be found everywhere on the interwebs.

i created a special coupon code for my etsy shop, bella home and baby, just for YOU, dear reader. from now until the end of the month, use the code "thanksgiving" to save 10% on everything in my store. i have big crafting plans for the weekend and hope to stock more fun things asap.

and p.s. if you like my logo, check out alboo designs. she made it and she's awesome!!!! all kinds of custom graphic art for your walls...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

we bought a zoo...

er... a house. although, with an 18 month old, 2 cats, fish that keep reproducing and boxes still to unpack, it feels a little like a zoo sometimes. that's right - our first house. four states, seven years and one kid later, we finally took the plunge.

 we moved in a little over a week ago. while there are still lists miles long of things to fix and change, we are fairly settled. jakey had a little trouble adjusting to sleeping in his new room, but loves having a play room and a yard! jeremy loves having a garage and a shed. one of the first things he did was build himself a workbench and install a work light. my kitchen is bigger and i have an office that opens into jakey's play room.  that makes working from home so much easier!

we are looking forward to many weekends of working on the house - painting, redoing the bathrooms and fencing in the yard are tops on the list.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Jakey turned 16 months yesterday. I can't even believe my baby is that old. He is turning into quite a little ham and has a delightful personality. Here are some of the things he's been up to lately.

Words: Jakey has really started babbling and talking a LOT more lately. he says mama, dada, dat (cat), my my (milo - our friends's dog), nana, papa, guk (book), sh (shoe), ish (fish), ch (cheese), EEE (eat), kah (beka) and eh (ed).

Signs: jakey signs eat, water, milk, more, all finished, sleep, cheese and read.

Favorite Activities: he loves stacking all his mega bloks (giant legos) on the windowsill. he brings books to us constantly and asks us to read to him. Favorites include "baby day," "johnnie tractor," and "peekaboo." he walks backwards, does yoga (down dog and butterfly pose), and is learning how to jump. He loves opening and closing drawers and cabinets.

He weighs about 26 pounds and wears 18 mo or 2T clothes, depending on the style. Part of that is from his fluffy cloth butt though.