Thursday, April 5, 2012

11 month review

 on march 9, jakey started crawling. i havent been able to keep up with him since! he was late to the party, but is more than making up for it. he chases the cats, finds little tiny pieces of nothing to put in his mouth from freshly vaccumed carpet, and loves to go through my purse or the diaper bag whenever i am careless enough to leave it on the floor or within reach.
 he is curious about everything. bubbles are a favorite new toy, as well as anything that he can unstack, take out of a box, or otherwise destroy. sometimes we set up small towers of blocks down the hallway and let him just crawl along and topple them as he goes. he can play this game for a really, really long time.
we are still loving the cloth diapers and amber teething necklace. my hippy ways need a place to come through in my child. he eats everything he can get a hold of, including olives and mushrooms, two things that i avoid like the plague. no allergic reactions to anything so far, so i count myself very lucky.

i cant believe the teeny tiny little guy we brought home to our apartment in connecticut is an almost one year old who lives in kansas now! everyone says how the time flies but it flies faster when its my own kid. wow.

march races in review

i did three races in march. two of them were, sadly,  without my cheering section. on st patricks day i ran a 5k with some girlfriends. jeremy and jakey decided to sleep in. i met beka at her house and we drove with our friend shelly to the race, which started at 8:30. WRONG! it started at 8 and we were walking from the parking lot to the starting line when we heard the gun go off. so we sprinted to join the pack and ran most of the race with everyone we were meeting. a little bit of a stressful way to start a race, but it was a fun run anyways. one of my silly socks kept falling down so i decided it was just making a statement.

the next morning was the final tri that i am participating in in the ymca series i have been doing. i beat my time by over a minute and my original time by almost ten. it was definitely improvement, mostly thanks to the 10k training ive been doing with the start to finish group from gorun wichita. we had our halfway goal race last weekend. this was my first 5k that i actually raced since jakey was born. i ran the whole way and wound up with a personal record of 26:09. it was great! the weather was perfect and it was fun to run with all the people i have been training with for several weeks.

i've got another race this weekend - the easter sun run, with most of the same girls from the st patricks race. its a 10k, which i am not ready to actually race, but it'll be fun anyways. theres always coffee at the roastery or whatever the name of the cute place in college hill is afterwards.