Wednesday, September 14, 2011

that totally made my thursday

on the way to work this morning jeremy said "do people whistle at you all day long?" i said "no" and he said "that surprises me."

then when he dropped me off he rolled down the car window and gave me a big wolf-whistle.

man i love him.

family photos

we were able to get jeremy and bryce in the same city for more than thirty minutes this past weekend, so we took a family photo.  good thing, because the last one was when jeremy and i still lived in california!

obviously there has been an awfully cute addition to the family since then... and i dont mean bryce's beard.  :D

cousin time!

now that we are back in kansas, jakey gets to spend more time with both of our families.  all of his cousins were a big part of our decision to come home. last weekend we all got together to celebrate two birthdays.  since our last cousins picture there has been an addition - that wee little wildcat on andrew's lap.

love these kids!