Saturday, July 16, 2011

road trippin...

embarking on a 1600+mile, three day car trip with a ten week old baby is not for the faint of heart. thankfully my mom and i have strong tickers. for the move from connecticut to kansas, jeremy and max drove the uhaul and my mom and i took the car and the baby. thankfully jacob is a fantastic child and slept most of the time in the car. we had to stop every couple hours for him to eat and for us girls to stretch. the first day we were on the road for 11 hours through CT, NY (got lost in the bronx - what an experience!), NJ, PA, MD, WV, and VA. that hotel room was SO welcome! after we ate dinner we fell asleep and jakey slept for NINE hours. he has never done that before! we woke up in the morning and headed to nashville to see anna. we slept at her house that night. i got to rub the baby belly and see their house and all the fun projects she has been blogging about in person. very fun.

 the last day of the trip was the longest and hardest. the garmin took us through some backwoods way to get to wichita, which would have shaved considerable amounts of time off the trip, had a VERY important bridge not been out. so instead, we were lost in the wilds of KY and IL. thankfully my mom has a small obsession with maps and atlases, and was able to successfully navigate us back to civilization.
we finally made it home at 11pm on the fourth of july.  we were able to watch several firework displays from the highway between emporia and wichita which was fun - avoid the crowds, noise and bugs! jeremy and max were waiting for us at home. we have never been happier to be OUT of the CAR!

fishin' trip

 about a month ago we took jakey out to guilford for his first fishing trip. he fell asleep and hung out on the dock with me while jeremy and max walked around the pond to try and catch something. max caught a turtle (i think thats because he was wearing a teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt) but neither boy caught any fishes.
 there was a veeeerrrrry friedly duck that hopped up on the dock with me and hung out within touching distance for about ten minutes. she even tried to eat jakeys blanket. the tail of it was hanging out of the car seat and she grabbed it, prolly thinking it was something tasty.

it was a fun trip until we got the news that bryce was in the hospital with head trauma. thankfully he is now recovering and back at home, but it kinda put an end to the free spirits of the day.

Friday, July 15, 2011

my water boy

jakey has loved the water since birth. as soon as his cord fell off and he could take a bath he has been showering with me and loving every second. he has had a couple of baths in the sink and sits there like a king in a hot tub. its no surprise that he loved being in the pool too!

being in the pool really wears a body out, you know?